Jealous Saudi Man shots Doctor Who Delivered His Baby

RISK Alert  No.856,  May 25,2016

Jealous Saudi Man Shoots Doctor Who Successfully Delivered his Baby Because he Saw His Wife Naked During the Baby’s Birth

Violence against healthcare professionals is not limited to the United States.

In April, 2016, a Saudi man went to the King Fahad Medical City hospital in Ridyah,
Saudi Arabia, because his wife had gone labor.   OB-GYN Doctor Muhannan Al Zabn was
assigned to the woman, and the doctor successfully delivered her baby.

However, the woman’s husband was not happy that another male had seen his
wife’s private parts during the delivery, so he hatched a plot to shoot the doctor. He
arranged to meet the doctor at a later time, to thank him for the successful delivery.
Jealous Saudi Shoots Doctor
He met the young doctor in the hospital garden, he pulled out his gun,  and shot him at close range.  Emergency personnel poured out of the hospital after hearing the gunfire, and took the critically injured doctor into surgery, where he was
expected to recover from his injuries.

The father was arrested and taken into custody by Saudi law enforcement.  He had
requested a female physician, but with restrictions on education for women, there
are few female physicians in the Middle East. #Hospital Violence #HospitalShooting

Lessons  Learned : 

1.  Violence against healthcare is happening all over the world.

2. Healthcare staff need strong protective measures to protect themselves.

3. Be aware of local cultural preferences when working abroad.

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