Active Shooter kills at least 4, injures 15 at mower plant in Hesston, Kansas tonight

RISK Alert # 828                         BREAKING NEWS!     
 #828,  Dateline:  February 25, 2016

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Hesston, Kansas Sheriff Reports that 4-7 people have been killed and at least 20-30 people injured at the Excel mower factory in south central Kansas tonight.

Sheriff T. Walton said at a news conference Thursday evening there are “a number of crime scenes involved,” including the Excel Industries plant in Hesston, north of Wichita, which manufactures lawn mower products. The suspect, who Walton said was or had been a painter at Excel Industries, was fatally shot by authorities.

The shooting, currently characterized as a workplace violence incident, happened about 8:30 pm CST in the Excel Industries parking lot, and spread to two other locations.  Similar to Chattanooga’s shooting, the shooter drove to different locations, shooting from his car windows, until he entered the Excel Industries facility.hesston-Kansas-feb25-2016-3

The exact number of victims and casualties were uncertain because the shootings  went on in different locations.

The shooter has been identified as Cedric Ford, and that he shot several people in other locations before heading to Excel Industries parking lot, where he shot another person in the parking lot, and then entered the Excel building, where he shot fifteen other individuals.

The sheriff reported that the shooter used a long gun, something like an assault rifle – he also had a pistol on him.  Sheriff Walton added:

“We always talk about, ‘it can’t happen here, and everybody says, It can’t happen here.’ But it’s all those places that it happens at and here we are. It happened here… “This is a fairly peaceful community  and to have something like this is tragic.”

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