Biggest Risks for Baby Boomers – Obesity & Diabetes

Lots of people I know are afraid to get on a plane…  Lots of others worry about catching Ebola, or finding a single germ on their kitchen counters.

HEY – at Holiday Time this year, the greatest threat to people over 40 are the twin terrors of Obesity and Diabetes.

I look at other people’s shopping carts in the store and see they are all buying soda, and white bread, and processed food – like chips, etc.  You can see why the produce department only takes up less than 10% of the store.  People eat junk. Junk means
you are eating what your body cannot recognize as real food!  It has to look like –
an apple, or a banana, or lettuce, or even a chicken leg.  But look at a cheerio – you can’t tell it’s original form…. it’s plastic food.

But food is only half the story — if you want to heal yourself and live better – Start moving. 

I have a new theory of how your cells renew themselves by oxygenating themselves. Cells fresh with oxygen don’t rust, don’t get stuck and don’t let cancer or diabetes come into through the cell wall.

It’s easy to get started – walk, or run, as fast or slow as you can, do yoga, or just
aerobic breathing.  Roll around the floor — do pushups, or jump rope, or swim, lift weights or dance!  Buy yourself a small trampoline for Christmas and jump on it- it’s full and it bounces your whole body full of oxygen.

Holiday and New Year’s resolutions should be 1. GET MOVING – however you can, wherever you can, whether you are already in shape, whether you are bedridden, whether you are 23 and 83. You can start today and in 3 days, you’ll feel 300% better.

OBESITY, DIABETES, CANCER are risks you can avoid!! Try it.


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