Second Ebola Patient in the US Confirmed by CDC

As the media is reporting incessantly, a healthcare worker at Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has been diagnosed with Ebola.  The transmission mechanism hasn’t been announced, but again, it looks like it may be related to taking OFF the protective

Obviously only 2 cases is not a country-wide epidemic, and 99% of the people who read this are hundreds of times more likely to be hit by lighting, or drown in the bathtub, than they are to ever catch Ebola.


However, healthcare workers are more at risk.  I have heard journalists continue to report that all hospitals are READY – THEY ARE NOT!  They report on the New York
City hospitals, but HEY, the first and second cases were in DALLAS, TEXAS!

What can an average person do at this point?  Call up your local hospital and ask them if they have prepared an isolation treatment area, ask them if they have full protective
gear available right now – today.  Ask if they have updated their infection control
procedures in the last 30 days.

The squeaky wheel forces organizations to pay attention to things like EBOLA preparation, enhanced staff training, additional investments in Protective Suits,
temporary barriers, better hazmat disposal, and lots more.

Preparedness is the ONLY THING that can stop Ebola from spreading and safeguard
everyone from a killer disease!

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