Ebola!! Why the Entire World (and CNN) is Obsessed with this new Threat

Ebola is a terrible virus.  We have either seen in photos, or read about dead bodies laying in piles or vomit of blood in the floors of filthy clinics in West Africa.  We have been to the www.cdc.gov/ebola site 3 times already today.

And all this time, people are reassuring themselves, saying “It will never get to the US”. And what happens next?  Ebola shows up at Texas Presbyterian Hospital where, as I expected, everything that COULD GO WRONG – DID GO WRONG.


The mountain of simple mistakes included:
1.  Seeing the patient, giving him antibiotics and sending him home,
EVEN THOUGH he was just in country from Liberia (West Africa).

   2.  Quarantining him and his friends is a tiny apartment with no anti-viral supplies, 
        leaving contaminated sheets and clothes on the floor.
3.  Not getting appropriate cleaning people in ASAP.
4.  Eventually establishing that 100 people could be infected with the
Ebola Virus.

Hospitals had only given their staff minimal instructions on how to deal with Ebola, so
Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas was not expecting to the the FIRST US CASE!


So, in less than 12 hours, it was real, the fears that the virus could somehow make it to the U.S. undetected – TURNED OUT TO BE TRUE!  And CNN and other media did a great job of uncovering every single mistake and scaring Dallas parents to death while they did it.  

Find out as much as you can about Ebola and how to keep yourself, your family and friends safe.  Get a little extra hand sanitizer, wash your hands often.  Call your local hospital and ask them if they’re prepared.  SOMEONE BETTER BE!

(Get updates daily at www.cdc.gov/ebola)

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