How to Rescue a Kitten by a Dedicated Dog Person

I am a dog person.  I’m a Beagle lover.  I have Snoopy toys all over my house, and leashes and dog dishes and photos of my beagles, and I never thought I would want a cat.  But I guess life has surprises in store for us, if we slow down and listen.  This is what happened to me.

I was living in south Florida and had two beagles, Roxy and Kerry.  Roxy had been diagnosed with terminal lymphoma but had chemo so she got an extra year.  Every morning I would walk with my neighbor, Maureen, and the Beagles.


This morning was drenched with rain.  It was early, and not hot. It had rained hard all night so there was water everywhere.  As we walked down the street I heard a little faint
“meow, Meow, MEOW”.  I told Maureen, “I hear a kitten”.  “Oh no”, she said, “You haven’t lived in Florida very long, it’s a bird and not a kitten”.  We kept walking and I heard it again – MEOW – MEOW – MEOW.

I followed the sound and under a big leafy plant, I found a very tiny kitten, ribs sticking out, soaking wet, and no mama cat in sight.  I picked him up and wrapped him up in my
T-shirt.  Then we walked around the neighbor looking for the kitty’s mama, or possible other kittys, but found nothing.  The people who lived in that house were overseas for 3 months so he would not have been found.

I took him home.  I didn’t have any milk, so we borrowed some and I fed him with a medicine dropper.  I looked up KITTENS on the web, and found out milk wasn’t so good, so I went to the store, with Kitty in my vest pocket, and got him Kitty Milk, and
kitten food.  He was only 4 weeks old.   He was irresistible.


My idea was to raise him and then find him a good home.  Of course, I fell in love with him, named him Tigger and now I am a cat lover and cat owner.  I have had dogs, and house rabbits and horses and ducks and geese and even an owl as pets, but this was my first kitty.

I was, and still am,  amazed at how soft he was, how sweet he was, how bouncy he was, and how much fun he was to have around.  Now he’s 6 months old and he still sleeps right next to me.

My dear Roxy passed away when he was 3 months old.  I loved her so much and many people say I found the kitty to help me get through missing Roxy so much.

My kitty, Tigger, follows me around the house, and comes when I call him.  He even likes to swim in the pool with me.  He also likes walking with Kerry.  He has his own red leash and halter.  He loves chasing and catching lizards, and watching birds.  He also likes climbing trees, but only goes outside when I go with him.

The point is that love of animals means all animals, and it means ALWAYS doing the
compassionate thing.  Someone threw  this little kitty away because they didn’t realize he was a feline star and source of great joy.   Rescues comes to us in all sorts of ways, and whether it’s a tiny kitty, an 1800 pound horse, a 6 pound lop-eared rabbit, or a beagle, take a chance and get yourself a friend for life!


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