White House Demonstrates A Cascade of Security Failures

Imagine the shock and awe when I found out my home was MORE SECURE than
The White House, which, along with the U.S. Capitol Building, represents the
best of the Free World!

Why?  Because I LOCK MY DOORS.  Which means my Access Control is 100%
in place.
   A simple thing, but, because Access Control is the starting point for all
security – doors have to be locked.

We say that security should be re-assessed whenever there’s a major change.  And
certainly launching a war against ISIL might be considered a major change, especially
since there is an alert about home grown jihadis.  Do you think the home of the U.S.
President might become a target?

And who is responsible for the lax security?  It’s the Secret Service, the government
agents who are supposed to be totally dedicated to the best security on the planet.

And other things went wrong too.  And why my home is safer than the White House last week.

I have dogs on site and they are unleashed.  I don’t make the decision about whether to let the dogs out, instead, my vicious attack beagles go after anyone trying to enter the grounds at any point within the perimeter fence.  At the White House, because the dogs which are kept on site for just this sort of incident, were NOT RELEASED because the Secret Service agents thought the dogs might go after them.

The sniper who was at the White House with his gun trained on the intruder, didn’t shoot.He could have taken a shot to the intruder’s arm or to his leg, and that would have slowed him down, but instead, he held his fire, and the intruder made it in the doors and up the stairs of the White House.

The intruder was a REPEAT OFFENDER.  He should have had a big red mark on his forehead indicating that he WAS NOT CLEARED FOR ACCESS, but instead, he had nothing.  He was able to jump the fence and continue right along through the entrance.

The lovely decorative White House fence was easily breached, just jumped over.  Does this trigger a BRAINSTORM:  MAKE THE FENCE HIGHER!  Or, even better, ALARM AND ELECTRIFY THE FENCE!


At my barn, it took about $200 and less than two hours to totally electrify an enormous field.  Shouldn’t the President’s home be as well protected and my horse’s field??

Looking at the whole picture, we see that there are numerous problems, and that obviously the White House hasn’t had a decent SECURITY RISK ASSESSMENT in years, or that the assessment’s recommendations weren’t implemented.

With lots of high value targets in a relatively small area, the use of automated, quarterly
security risk assessments SHOULD BE A NO BRAINER!

What’s the underlying cause of this breach?  Was it the lack of procedures, was it procedures not followed, was it lack of training?  Was it a sub-plot?  Was it the just a cascade of failures?

Whatever it was, it made the U.S. look UNPREPARED to the entire world, and it reinforces the message that security is a process that has to be continually assessed and re-assessed.

I’m going to do my Patriotic Duty and donate my automated Risk Assessment software to the White House Secret Service to help them in this critical task!

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