Why the NFL Supports Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

The NFL finally suspended Adrian Peterson.  He wasn’t suspended for beating his poor 4-year old child with a tree branch.   He wasn’t disciplined for slamming his child’s head into the dashboard of the car because the child was crying AFTER being beaten.

He was suspended because a bunch of moms and media types got on Twitter, and TV, and the Internet complained about why someone who uses a little marijuana is suspended for a year, but if you beat a small child, there’s no punishment.

What’s happening is that the NFL and the gung-ho fans have build a rich underclass of
minimally educated sports stars who have violent tendencies and anger problems.  I
always wonder why they are so angry since they make 20 million dollars a year and can
do, obviously, almost anything they want, as long as the child, girlfriend or wife that they
beat or knock unconscious, doesn’t actually die.RayRice

Maybe that’s exactly why they are unhappy.  Maybe it’s tough to be completely famous, horribly rich, and have the team owners and the rest of polite society look down their down at these human cash generators.

The NFL can’t be allowed to condone the beatings and abuse of the girlfriends, wives, and children of these individuals.  They remind me of the Seaworld owners who make money on their tortured captive whales.

Maybe we need a documentary on NFL-FISH! OH, and remember all those
women, and moms and media personalities.  We’ll be watching and we’ll
be back!


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