Unnecessary Violence & Conflict in Ferguson, Missouri

I’m tired of watching violence play out on every TV Channel.

I watch BBC and see how ISIS is beheading children and fighting over the Mosul Dam in Iraq.   Switch to CNN and see Israel try to justify why it’s ok if they bomb children and women into oblivion. And I almost forgot about the heartbreak of watching that total
idiot Putin paying goons to dress up in green and try to take over eastern Ukraine and bring it back to GangstaHeaven – Mother Russia.

Now I have to watch on every local channel how poor people and trying to bring attention to their problems, while police and the national guard are called in to keep these poor people in line.  And the police are just doing their jobs – the bidding of the “Powers That Be”, which is anyone of these politicians who want their extra 20 minutes of fame.


I didn’t fall asleep during my history classes so I remember that whenever you had an oppressed underclass – whether it’s the old fashioned Iraqi Christians, the Gaza children, the black subculture in Missouri – you will have revolts.  Nobody wants to live as a subclass.

No one wants to live in a permanent state of food INsecurity, without a safe environment to raise their kids.  No parent wants their kids to get a substandard education, or have less opportunity to go to college, or to just get a job.

As long as the gap widens in the U.S. between the haves and the have-nots, any incident of gun violence by police against a teenager, can be the flashpoint for a demonstration, which may start out peacefully, but may not end up that way.

I have a very selfish reason for wanting to promote equality – I like the peace and quiet, so I can go back to watching MY CAT FROM HELL, and ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.

As a solution – I recommend we all go back to the SIXTIES – make love, not war, put
flowers in the police assault rifles.  Engage in lots of hugging, and dancing in the park under a full moon.

Only two directions to go – love or hate.   I always vote for LOVE!



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