What’s the Price You’d pay to Save a Friend from Cancer, If the Friend is a Dog?

It’s really easy to see how people feel about animals by just asking this simple question,What would you do if you dog was diagnosed with cancer?   Here are the two possible answers:

1.  Have the dog put down, IT’S JUST A DOG, don’t waste money on it.  

(These people do not acknowledge the rights of any animal to live a happy life, free of
pain and exploitation – they think animals are a sub-class).

2.  Call the vet right away and get her into Chemo.  It’s much easier on dogs and will extend her life by many years.  OR  Get some of that Essiac tea and give it to her every day, OR, Is there anything i can do to help?

(These people acknowledge the role of animals in the world order, and recognize
them as sentient beings).

For some, it comes down to PRICE.  So, I reply, “what price can you put on a friend
who listens to all your thoughts, sleeps next to you at night, protects your home
from intruders and robbers 24/7, never asks for any special treatment, patiently
waits up, no matter how late it is….”

My answer:  PRICELESS which is why your animal friends also deserve:

A warm soft bed INSIDE the house,
Delicious, fresh high quality food,
Daily Vitamins
Fresh, filtered water
Great hygiene and nice warm baths in the bathtub.
Love and comfort when they don’t feel right.

Love and Companionship of my Dog:  P*R*I*C*E*L*E*S*S

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