Why Exploitation is Bad for Whales, Dolphins, Beagles and Humans

Yes, I’m a relatively unexploited human.  But I know about exploited humans, children used for labor in 4th world countries, women in brothels who end up as sex slaves, the 3 women in Cleveland chained in a lunatic’s basement.

And from there, it’s easy to see the link to whales who are confined to tiny bathtub-scale tanks, dolphin cornered and taken from their families to live in a grimy seaside motel tank. Exploited means you are used to generate MONEY for the exploiter, while
the victim gets nothing in return except torture and mistreatment.

Humans sometimes escape their captors.  Someone hears their screams and rescues them.   Beagles confined and tortured for “COSMETIC RESEARCH” are sometimes released (but most often killed) by humans.

Whales and dolphins are STOLEN out of their home, the ocean, where they are a critical part of the food chain, and put on display to live out miserable lives and enhance the bottom lines of money-grubbing Seaworlds, the horrific Miami Seaquarium and the Marineland “parks”.

Seaworld and Marineland are REALLY STEALING FROM US!  They are disrupting the oceans we enjoy, the beaches we love, and the entire natural order of life  in the sea. Our children may never see beautiful wild orca leaping in the ocean, or get rescued by a dolphin when they are lost at sea.

The crass corporations who think it’s OK to exploit the creatures we SHARE THE PLANET WITH are ruining our world, and the world of our children.  They are capturing
these animals just to line their own pockets, and many people now realize that
these disgusting companies don’t have the ETHICAL RIGHT to take ANY SENTINENT
CREATURE away from the ocean and make it a slave to their profits.

Let’s get together, boycott and close these unnatural profit machines, and save our
oceans for our children!

P.S. And let’s rescue the lab beagles while we’re at it!


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