Biggest Threat in January -Extreme Cold

Extreme cold is one of the worst threats because it is usually far-reaching and it cannot be eliminated.

You can plan for it, put in a heater, buy blankets or snuggies, get a furry cat, wear fleece and drink lots of hot tea, but you cannot stop it or eliminate it, once it’s in place.

Severe cold can cause death if people are stuck outside, in a stalled car, or if power
goes out so there is no heat.  Extreme cold causes frostbite and can lead to losing fingers, toes and even noses.  Cold triggers hypothermia, especially in older people. And Extreme cold can kill pets who are tied outside and have no way to escape.

For organizations, cold can freeze locks, can make it impossible to enter the office, it can cause disruptions in IT systems if power is out for an extended period of time, and, of course, it affects the transportation systems that get people to work.

WVAmbulanceStuckinSnowfrom Sandy

To avoid the worst of these problems due to Extreme Cold:

Stay home if you can.
If you have a fireplace, make sure you have dry wood and matches in case of
power outage.
Always keep lots of blankets, fleece clothing, etc.
Always dress warmly when venturing outside.
Keep enough food for at least 3 days inside.
Make sure and use both knitted hats and mitten that retain the heat.

Keep an emergency kit in your CAR with a blanket, gloves, jacket, and hat.
Keep extra water and energy bars in your car, just in case.
Watch for the symptoms of frostbite and hypothermia.


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