Why the #Blackfish Exploitation by SeaWorld Matters

SeaWorld has been exposed.   The fun, happy place where kids can see marine mammals up close has been exposed as the cold, heartless corporation that steals baby animals, like orcas and dolphins, from their mothers who love them and are screaming in terror as their animal children are ruthlessly taken to a bathtub to spend the rest of their lives.

The wonderful documentary, Blackfish, has shown us all, up close and personal, that
SeaWorld not only hurts, and damages baby whales and dolphins, but also shows total disregard for the health and safety of their own SeaWorld trainers. 

They take idealist young trainers, who love animals,  and put them in tanks with angry whales who have their own list of complaints against SeaWorld – then they are dragged under ( like Dawn Brancheau, who was drowned by the captive Orca, Tilikum, who had previously killed another trainer).

Now scrambling to deal with this PR crisis, SeaWorld investors are pulling back, and most musicians are refusing to perform, like Willie Nelson, REO Speedwagon, Martina McBride, Cheaptrick, Trisha Yearwood  , Heart, and Barenaked Ladies. And other musicians are
revoking permission to use their music in these terrible clown shows.

The #Blackfish story, which was shown on CNN first, and then picked up by Netflix, is not just an EXPLOITED ANIMAL STORY, it is a Mother-Baby story.  It is a story about MAMMALS that give birth to their babies, nurse them, and protect and love them.  It is about causing these beautiful beings (yes, they think, just like us, and they communicate, just like us, too), unspeakable pain, grief and loneliness just to make MONEY.

Nothing wrong with making money.  A lot is wrong with making money by the grief and pain of others, whether they are humans, or mammals, like the high-functioning marine mammals.

And remember, these same marine mammals have been saving humans for years. Protecting humans in the sea from shark attacks, carrying them to shore, and they
certainly deserve the same protection from us.  Look at the orcas bent over dorsal fins, which doesn’t happen in the wild.  It is a visual reminder of how SeaWorld has damaged these wonderful mammals.

Let SeaWorld become a rescue aquarium for injured sea turtles, or a nursery for orphaned seal and seal lion pups, but NO MORE TANKS.  These beautiful animals MUST BE RELEASED. 



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