Five FAV Ways to Enjoy the Holidays with your Pet!

This is the blog your dog (or cat) hopes you’re reading today!  Hey – It’s holidays for the
animals, too.  And we’ll have pet tips from dogs to horses in the final days before the holiday.

For that Special Dog – your faithful companion animal:

1.  Take your pet for a nice long walk, or even a short walk.
Whatever you have time for because most pets would rather
take a walk with you than eat (except beagles…)

(if streets are snowy, wash off my paws when we get home, or
buy some fashion forward booties!)

2.   Set aside 10 minutes a day to give your pet UNINTERRUPTED
      ATTENTION!  No texting, no phone, no dishes, no kids, just
you and your pet together for Quality Time.

3.    Do some special Holiday Grooming.  Your pet would love a warm
bath, and a blow dry, or just a good brushing with alot of
concentrated petting!

4.    Take Me Along With You!  Your pet loves a car ride, whether it’s
two blocks or 50 miles.  What a great feeling to be a doggy
passenger with the window open a little so they can smell
what’s going on in a bigger world.

5.    Give your pet Better Quality Food so they’ll be with you longer!
High quality pet food increases lifespan AND cuts down on vet
bills.  AND don’t forget how much they love a little fresh roast
chicken, roast beef,and grilled fish.

Twenty-five pets were interviewed for this blog, and they call said they
were wishing for all of these Holiday Treats.

And Remember,  the biggest treat of all — for any pet —
is just spending time WITH YOU!


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