Blackfish is about more than Orcas, it’s about my Beagle, too

My beagle, Roxy, was diagnosed with cancer last week.  I stayed up for 3 days and nights worrying about her, finding the best chemo treatments, spending extra time with her.  And talking to other dog owners about their experiences.

What has that got to do with the Blackfish movie about Orcas that CNN is premiering tonight?   It’s about our relationship with animals.   It highlights our relationship with these beautiful black and white monsters of the sea.  We make movies about them.  We flock to
Sea World to see them up close.

And we totally exploit them.  We hunt them, cut them, hurt them, herd them, confine them, make them do stupid tricks, and separate them from their families.  And these are mammals that have very advanced brains and are probably are smart and self-aware as we are.

When I hug Roxy, or one of my pet rabbits, or my horse, I totally understand and fully appreciate how wonderful and remarkable all these animals are.  They are all mammals, all different but all the same.  We all have emotions, we all have personalities.  We love. We all have families.  We all get hungry and thirsty.  We all feel pain. 

The Blackfish movie is a horrifying example of what happens when people and corporations EXPLOIT sentient creatures for money.  It’s easy for them to steal a baby orca right out of the ocean and make it live in a tiny bathtub, doing tricks that make the ROBBERS millions of dollars.  And so what if the dumb thing dies at 20 years instead of 100 years, like his wild brothers — hey – it’s all about the money.

From people who starve their dogs, don’t get vet care for their sick cats, hunt beavers for their fur, hunt bears for their glands, make elephants perform in circuses, abuse their children, catch mice in inhumane traps, raise veal calves in tiny crates, de-beak chickens…. i could go on and on.

From mice to whales, we are not good stewards of our planet, we do not respect life and the incredible knowledge and life force of other creatures who are very much like us.

I hope that everyone around the world watches Blackfish and makes a vow to be more respectful of other animals, many of them make US their whole world, and they all deserve a safe, happy and life that is NORMAL for them.  This is not living life in a bathtub.

We do not own the planet, and we should quit exploiting it and our fellow animal cousins because karma being what it is, we might find ourselves in tiny cages one day!


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