The Top Threat to Baby Boomers

What is the top threat to the baby boomers?  Is it a shooting incident?  Accidental drowning?  Fatal car accident?  Getting shot in a war zone?  Plane crash?  Or what about none of the above.

The greatest threat to the baby boomer generation is bad health, including heart attacks, strokes, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, kidney failure, and the biggie – cancer.

A threat is something that has the potential to happen, and to cause harm.  Threats are generally something that can be prevented from happening, or can have their potential harm reduced by a set of actions or safeguards.

If you have the looming threat of bad health, what can you do to reduce your risk?  After years of analyzing risk and also reading obsessively about good health, here are the top ten things you can do to prevent a potential health catastrophe:

10.  Stop smoking.  Obviously this is critical to maintaining good health because smoking destroys your blood vessels.

9.    Go totally vegetarian, or even vegan.  Move to a totally plant-based diet and
watch all your health concerns go away faster than you can say tofu.

8.    Buy organic.  Look for organic fruits and vegetables, and even organic eggs and meat.
The biggest plus from going organic is that it reduces your pesticide intake.

7.    Eat more raw food.  Start by trying to have 1/3 of your total food for a day be raw food. Apples, grapes, carrots, celery, lettuce, radishes – think a giant salad every day.

6.    Buy a juicer and start making your own fresh juice.  It tastes wonderful and it floods your body with micronutrients that help it repair itself.  Meet Joe the Juicer at, and reboot yourself.

5.   Make sure you only drink filtered or distilled water.  This is really important because dangerous chemicals lurk in regular tap water.

4.   Stop using dangerous chemicals.  No pesticides.  No Roundup.  No toxic shampoo or soap.  Switch to Dr. Bronner’s wonderful peppermint soap and check your personal makeup and deodorant, too.

3.   Get a pet.  A beagle, for example, is a perfect companion, but other dogs are wonderful, too.   Get a rescue dog for a best friend and you’ll improve your health dramatically – check out for a place to start.

2.   Enjoy life more.  Be grateful for everything you have in your life, and show it by smiling more, singing in the shower, or with the band.

1.   Start moving and exercising.  Get fit.  Walk until you can run.  Swim in a pool, at the YMCA, in the ocean, or even in a lake.  Find the bike you got 5 years ago and start riding it every day.  Lift weights.  Exercise oxygenates your body and assisting in healing.

Start with one thing and then add more.  You’ll reduce the bad health threat dramatically in just a short time – – and you might just change your life!

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