To Understand Syria Choices – Follow the Money & Power

Who’s right about Syria? Just follow the money, the power and how people distort the issue to promote their own self-interest. See who’s promoting their own agenda and using dead children as a political football. Here are some of the players:

THE MILITARY wants a set of Syria strikes on Syria or even an air war because they get unlimited money that way, it might negate the sequester – and don’t forget to include the big Beltway contractors, too.

NEO-CONSERVATIVES, like Paul Wolfowitz (who, with Bush, brought you Iraq) want to control the world and make every other company just like the USA and that means dismantle the current government (just like in Iraq).

POLITICIANS RUNNING FOR OFFICE, want to use Syria as a soapbox to get media attention for their PERSONAL BENEFIT, so they keep their cushy jobs!

The “Old” GOP wants to be hawkish because it aligns with their own principle of a Strong Military – like McCain and Graham.

Dems & progressives are all ‘peace and freedom’ types and never want to shoot anyone, or risk any impact on civilians!

Kerry sees this as his big chance to build a legacy and make State Department relevant again, (which might never happen).

Obama wants to make everyone happy, and silence his inner voice, which says that killing children with chemical gas is always wrong.

Don’t forget the arms sellers/dealers (Russia, & North Korea), who want to sell more & bigger guns, rockets, missiles, to make more money to keep their failing countries afloat a little longer.

So ask yourself, does the World need a Policeman to keep them in line? And do we want or need to take on that job?

Last point on Syria – nothing fixes a lagging economy better than a nice big war — it works every time.

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