Crime & Punishment – The Karma of Ariel Castro

Late last night, convicted Cleveland kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro died after he hung himself in his prison cell, according to the Ohio Department of Correction.

Many people think of Karma as “What goes around, comes around”, and this is certainly the case in this tragedy that almost destroyed the lives of three beautiful young women, and an innocent child, brought up in an atmosphere of beatings, rape, chains and other horrible actions by Ariel Castro.

I would not waste one minute of sympathy for a man that was a monster, whether he was diagnosed or not.  We see him as a monster, for the last ten years, he probably saw himself as a Master of the Universe.  He saw what he wanted and took it, without one thought for the victims he was torturing.

He imprisoned them – he was himself imprisoned and confined to a small cell.
He tortured them – and he was tortured by loss of his young child, loss of any companionship, and tortured by his own thoughts of what he had lost by his own actions.

He almost killed them, and in the end, he killed himself, rather than live with the loss of his victims, the renunciation by his family, the loss of his reputation, the loss of the support of his brothers, and probably, the loss of his own self-respect.

Just a warning to others who like to hurt, torture, control, and imprison others, Karma is alive and well in the universe, and sometimes it comes around sooner than you think!




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