Why The “Good Family Friend” May be a Threat to Young Women

THE INCIDENT: We all watched in horror this week as James DiMaggio, described as a “good family friend” apparently killed Christina Anderson, her 8-year old son, Ethan, and kidnapped her 16 year old daughter, Hannah, then set fire to his house.

THE RESULT: Yesterday, Dimaggio was shot dead by a special FBI team, in a remote area of the Idaho mountains and ended the manhunt that covered five states and 3 countries.  His location was initially discovered by a horseback rider in the area.

Hannah Anderson is alive and in a hospital today.  Her father is on his way to Idaho, and is probably in shock, dealing with the loss of his wife and the grief of losing his sweet little 8-year old son, Ethan.   His daughter will probably need therapy for a long time to get this nightmare out of her mind.

THE SOLUTION:  The way to prevent something like this happening to your family, especially if your family includes a beautiful young girl, is to make sure that your children
are not allowed to spend unsupervised time in a man’s house, no matter what a great “family friend” he is.

As a parent, YOU should know and vet everyone whose house your child enters.  You should go to their friends homes and meet their parents.  And never leave them unsupervised with anyone, unless you are absolutely sure you can trust them.

As part of the war on women, this kidnapping illustrates how unsafe women still are in the U.S., because men think that they can “take” women —  for sex, to make a woman more compliant, or to play into some sick fantasy they have in their twisted minds.

With the number of girls  and women abused, raped and murdered each year, these
statistics are shocking:  16 million children abused every year in the United States, and
81% of these are abused by someone the child knows (a parent/caregiver, other relatives, neighbors, friends, or persons considered family).  Statistics by www.safeharbor.org

Keep your children safe by staying watchful, and don’t forget that no one is above suspicion. Notice if someone you know expresses an unusual interest in your child, and keep an even closer eye on them.

And remember Hannah and her father in your prayers tonight!

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