NRA Promotes Guns as Retail Therapy…

Have you ever seen someone who just ordered a new gun over the web?  I did recently, and it reminded me of how I act when I get a new sweater from Amazon delivered to my house.

They carefully, even reverently, unwrap the new gun, they touch the barrel, inspect the handle for scratches, and read the info that came with it… then they put it away in their idea of a safe place, to be brought out and enjoyed almost like an object of art.

Many of these people never shoot, only hunt in the meat aisle of the local Giant store, and would never shoot anyone, but the NRA has done a great job of SELLING GUNS, and like me having too many sweaters, these people have too many guns.

These are the guns that kill the little boys playing in daddy’s bedroom.  These are the guns that the one little girl accidentally fires and shoots her brother in the leg.  These are the guns found by criminals during a robbery and uses them to rob a 7-11 store.

These are the guns that Adam Lanza collected with his mommy and used to kill the little children at Sandy Hook elementary school.

And this idea of gun ‘collecting’ and gun ‘worship’ is something the NRA has created, promoted and continues to encourage – hence the fear of any kinds of limits on their ‘collections’.

Can’t we get these people to collect actual ART, cashmere sweaters, fancy belt buckles or anything else instead of these lethal weapons disguised as ‘collectables”?


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