Why Giving Oscar Pistorius Bail Today in a South African Court is another blow against Women

Violence, assault, battery, and homicide is always more of a problem for women than for men.

Statistics show that men are more likely to BE VIOLENT, and more apt to be aggressive toward women.  Because men are the world’s power brokers, and sometimes they try to use that power to dominate the women that they imagine they should be able to control.

The term War On Women is accurate, if you review the facts, and also the sensational details. The Scott Peterson’s murder of his 9-month pregnant wife carrying his unborn son, Connor, and just yesterday, Drew Peterson sentenced for murder of his 3rd wife, while wife number 4, Stacy, has been missing since 2007.

Remember  Josh and Susan Powell?   Josh, who killed both his young sons and himself, even though he was never convicted of Susan’s disappearance.  And the terrible thing about these high profile crimes is these women were attacked and killed at their most vulnerable, by someone who, at least, initially, loved them.

Even worse, in countries like South Africa, or India, rape is something that happens many times every day.  And the rich white guys aren’t the only perps.  It’s angry people — no matter how much money they have, where they live, or what their backgrounds are, or their education level.

Certain men seem to regard women as their possessions, like their dogs, or their household help, and so they feel free to abuse them, kick them, break their arms, intimidate them, control them, and if the woman tries to fight back, she is often killed.

No matter how rich Oscar Pistorius is, how great he is for overcoming such a profound handicap, how many medals he won, he, like OJ Simpson, will now be judged for losing his temper and murdering a beautiful young model – who loved him!

And obviously, the Magistrate didn’t agree, because if he did – he would never have granted him bail.

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