Chemical Weapons – the True December 21st Potential Disaster

Maybe the Mayan Calendar has forecast a deadly chemical attack that would poison the world, not a pole shift after all.

Know much about chemical weapons?  They are semi-easily dispersed. They can decimate a population in the time it takes a plane to fly overhead.  They are gruesome death.

The U.S. actually keeps track of all chemical weapons – and biologic weapons, too.  Did you know that inspectors all over the world fan out when a nation state fails (and sometime before) and can tell you exactly what it is and where it is kept.

My friends in this business have traveled all over the former Soviet Union, counting the anthrax vials in a deserted laboratory in the middle of a forest, for example, and making careful notes, not just on the location of the now-deserted laboratory, but also checking the state of security for those sites.

Is the facility secured? Is there a guard service?  Are there card access or cypher locks on the doors?  Are the windows locked and secured?  Is there access from the roof?

Is there a tree too close to the roof that could be used for access?

All these plans and assessments can be hauled out at times like these, helping to keep the world safe from chemical and biological weapons.  At least, that’s what we are all hoping, and counting on.

Happy Saturday!!

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