What’s the Price You’d pay to Save a Friend from Cancer, If the Friend is a Dog?

It’s really easy to see how people feel about animals by just asking this simple question,What would you do if you dog was diagnosed with cancer?   Here are the two possible answers:

1.  Have the dog put down, IT’S JUST A DOG, don’t waste money on it.  

(These people do not acknowledge the rights of any animal to live a happy life, free of
pain and exploitation – they think animals are a sub-class).

2.  Call the vet right away and get her into Chemo.  It’s much easier on dogs and will extend her life by many years.  OR  Get some of that Essiac tea and give it to her every day, OR, Is there anything i can do to help?

(These people acknowledge the role of animals in the world order, and recognize
them as sentient beings).

For some, it comes down to PRICE.  So, I reply, “what price can you put on a friend
who listens to all your thoughts, sleeps next to you at night, protects your home
from intruders and robbers 24/7, never asks for any special treatment, patiently
waits up, no matter how late it is….”

My answer:  PRICELESS which is why your animal friends also deserve:

A warm soft bed INSIDE the house,
Delicious, fresh high quality food,
Daily Vitamins
Fresh, filtered water
Great hygiene and nice warm baths in the bathtub.
Love and comfort when they don’t feel right.

Love and Companionship of my Dog:  P*R*I*C*E*L*E*S*S


Why Exploitation is Bad for Whales, Dolphins, Beagles and Humans

Yes, I’m a relatively unexploited human.  But I know about exploited humans, children used for labor in 4th world countries, women in brothels who end up as sex slaves, the 3 women in Cleveland chained in a lunatic’s basement.

And from there, it’s easy to see the link to whales who are confined to tiny bathtub-scale tanks, dolphin cornered and taken from their families to live in a grimy seaside motel tank. Exploited means you are used to generate MONEY for the exploiter, while
the victim gets nothing in return except torture and mistreatment.

Humans sometimes escape their captors.  Someone hears their screams and rescues them.   Beagles confined and tortured for “COSMETIC RESEARCH” are sometimes released (but most often killed) by humans.

Whales and dolphins are STOLEN out of their home, the ocean, where they are a critical part of the food chain, and put on display to live out miserable lives and enhance the bottom lines of money-grubbing Seaworlds, the horrific Miami Seaquarium and the Marineland “parks”.

Seaworld and Marineland are REALLY STEALING FROM US!  They are disrupting the oceans we enjoy, the beaches we love, and the entire natural order of life  in the sea. Our children may never see beautiful wild orca leaping in the ocean, or get rescued by a dolphin when they are lost at sea.

The crass corporations who think it’s OK to exploit the creatures we SHARE THE PLANET WITH are ruining our world, and the world of our children.  They are capturing
these animals just to line their own pockets, and many people now realize that
these disgusting companies don’t have the ETHICAL RIGHT to take ANY SENTINENT
CREATURE away from the ocean and make it a slave to their profits.

Let’s get together, boycott and close these unnatural profit machines, and save our
oceans for our children!

P.S. And let’s rescue the lab beagles while we’re at it!


Guns Are Not for Shopping – The Columbia Mall Shooting!

A cold Maryland winter morning prrompted many to go shopping at the Columbia Mall.   Columbia, Maryland is a large mall, situated between Washington DC and Baltimore in the Maryland suburbs. I was there last month…

Unfortunately, at 11:15 in the morning, a young man entered the mall and started shooting. Some witnesses said he was shooting down into the Food Court from the 2nd Level.  The shots were centered in a surf, skateboard and snowboarder store called Zumiez, which is
now permanently closed.

Two young people were killed, store employees, Brianna Benlolo, 21, of College
Park, MD; and Tyler Johnson 25, of Ellicott City, MD, and a man police identified
as the shooter.  He had killed himself, but was wearing more ammo and had more
ammo around him.


A bystander was shot in the foot, and others were injured in the chaos that started
when the 8-10 shots were fired and someone yelled, “There’s a man shooting”.
But these injuries were judged to be minor.

Seven families devastated and looking for answers. Even 2 days after the incident, police are no closer to discovering the “WHY”.

Again, we look at access control, and due to the NRA effect, making it ridiculously
easy to carry a gun, even a concealed gun almost anywhere, we have to start by
thinking about what kind of access we should allow to public places, like schools, malls and airports.

In a risk and reward calculation, it’s basically, does the right of an individual
to take a loaded gun anywhere they want, supersede my right to safely shop at
the local mall on a Saturday morning?  I think it does.

RiskAlert Incident Report #473 – Hospital Admin Shot at Home

RiskAlert  INCIDENT REPORT 473 – ACTIVE SHOOTER 12-27-2013

Oschner Hospital Administrator Shot to Death in his Home by former Nurse in
Active Shooter Spree

December 27, 2013   

A Louisiana man attacked his former in-laws, his current wife, and the Administrator of a hospital where he’d worked, killing three and wounding three others before killing himself, authorities said.

The shooter, Ben Freeman, 38, was found late Thursday night in his car along a highway, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Houma,LA Shooter

The shootings happened at four locations in two parishes about 45 miles southwest of New Orleans on Thursday. The first report came about 6:40 p.m., when Lafourche Parish Councilman Louis Phillip Gouaux, who was shot in the throat, called 911 from his home in Lockport, Houma, La.

The suspect, Ben Freeman, 38, was the ex-husband of Gouaux’s daughter Jeanne, Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Brennan Matherne said in a news release.

Gouaux’s wife, Susan “Pixie” Gouaux, was dead when deputies arrived.  Louis Phillip
Gouaux and his daughter, Andrea Gouaux, were injured and taken to Interim LSU Public Hospital in New Orleans. Both were in critical but stable condition, Matherne said.

About 20 minutes later in Raceland, Ochsner St. Anne General Hospital Administrator Milton Bourgeois was shot and killed at close range at his home.  His wife, Ann
Bourgeois, was shot in the leg, and taken to the New Orleans hospital, where she was listed in stable condition.  Raceland police said Bourgeois was shot at close range
and his wife was shot in the leg.

Freeman had been employed at three area hospitals over the last few years, including Oschner St. Anne Hospital, where Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre said he had been a registered nurse before he was fired in 2011. All three hospitals were put on lockdown for a while Thursday.

Freeman’s wife, Denise Taylor Freeman, was found dead in the couple’s home in Houma in Terrebonne Parish. Matherne said her cause of death was not immediately known.

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How to Get Management’s Attention for Security – Shooter Kills Administrator

Every Security Officer I’ve ever met has mentioned how difficult it can be to get funding for additional security!  It is a never-ending mission, to get the budget for a security program that will truly protect an organization.

Hospitals are no exception.  They have suffered their own financial problems and because security is not seen as a ‘clinical’ or ‘patient care’ issue, it is easy to take money from security and put it somewhere else.

But there’s one sure way to get management’s attention for Security — having a security incident.  And if you don’t have one at your organization, high profile security incidents at other facilities will all grab management’s attention.

In my Risk-Pro Security Incident Report today, a shooter killed four, wounded three, and then killed himself.   What was unusual about this incident was that the shooter went to the Hospital Administrator’s house and shot the administrator dead, and then shot his wife, who was taken to a local hospital.

Houma,LA Shooter

Most executives and administrators think about security as sort of an abstract concept, that doesn’t directly affect them.  But it might, and by sending your management a copy of our Risk-Pro Incident Report, you’ll get their attention this time!

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Biggest Threat in January -Extreme Cold

Extreme cold is one of the worst threats because it is usually far-reaching and it cannot be eliminated.

You can plan for it, put in a heater, buy blankets or snuggies, get a furry cat, wear fleece and drink lots of hot tea, but you cannot stop it or eliminate it, once it’s in place.

Severe cold can cause death if people are stuck outside, in a stalled car, or if power
goes out so there is no heat.  Extreme cold causes frostbite and can lead to losing fingers, toes and even noses.  Cold triggers hypothermia, especially in older people. And Extreme cold can kill pets who are tied outside and have no way to escape.

For organizations, cold can freeze locks, can make it impossible to enter the office, it can cause disruptions in IT systems if power is out for an extended period of time, and, of course, it affects the transportation systems that get people to work.

WVAmbulanceStuckinSnowfrom Sandy

To avoid the worst of these problems due to Extreme Cold:

Stay home if you can.
If you have a fireplace, make sure you have dry wood and matches in case of
power outage.
Always keep lots of blankets, fleece clothing, etc.
Always dress warmly when venturing outside.
Keep enough food for at least 3 days inside.
Make sure and use both knitted hats and mitten that retain the heat.

Keep an emergency kit in your CAR with a blanket, gloves, jacket, and hat.
Keep extra water and energy bars in your car, just in case.
Watch for the symptoms of frostbite and hypothermia.


Do a New Year’s Risk Assessment for your Family’s Security!

Do you worry about your personal security?  Or the security of your family?   If so, try doing a New Year’s Security Risk Assessment to see where you stand on safety & security.

Here’s how:
First, make a list of your assets:  For example, list your family members, your family home, your business, your pets, your belongings, including your car, boat, jewelry, etc.

Second, make a list of what threats might damage those assets.  For example, local
crime, robbery, identity theft, accidents, like a bike accident, loss of power, fire, tornado, earthquake or hurricane.  Also add in the loss of public utilities, loss of an elevator (if you live in a high rise), etc.   Make an educated guess on how often these things happen in your part of the country, for example, if you live in San Francisco, raise the earthquake rate to once a year (on average), and if you live in Florida, near the coast, raise the hurricane risk to twice a year.
Third, make a list of what controls YOU ALREADY PUT IN PLACE to protect yourself, and make sure they are still working like you planned.  
Then take each threat and make sure you have a corresponding control in place, and question yourself, could you put a 2nd control in place to avoid a threat like FIRE.  Maybe you have a smoke alarm in your house already, but do you have a fire extinguisher?  Do you have the emergency number to the FIRE DEPARTMENT posted near the home phone?   Have you practiced a family fire drill this year?
Spend an hour going over these Threats and their potential Controls and you will have done something to make sure 2014 is your best, AND MOST SECURE, year ever!
Happy New Year!