DOD Raises Threat Level at U.S. Military Bases Today

In an unusual move today, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) raised the security level at U.S. military bases because of the increasing concerns about possible attacks by ISIS (ISIL).

While the DOD cited no specific threat, they did refer to the recent attack in Garland, Texas, (last Tuesday), after ISIS claimed responsibility for the Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest featuring cartoons about “the Prophet”.

The threat level was raised to ‘Bravo’ level, and it’s worth noting that it’s the first time the
threat level has been that high since the anniversary of the 911 attacks on September 11, 2011, which was the 10th anniversary of the 2001 attacks.

A higher threat level could mean 100% ID checks at the entrance to all military bases, including air force bases, army bases, navy and marine bases.   It also puts base military police on alert to be highly situationally aware, including investigating anything they see that might be terms “suspicious”.  The FBI will also increase surveillance of suspected pro-ISIS individuals.

Persistent stories have been focusing on the Texas border, which may be harboring an
ISIS camp, and the right wing media has reported that an ISIS camp may be sending their
soldiers into the US on specific missions.  Although this has been widely discredited by
officials,  some circles are reporting a link to the Army’s Operation Jade Helm, a massive military drill across nine states, which is slated for July 15th, to September 15th, 2015.

We encourage individuals to be situationally alert AT ALL TIMES, and a increase
in military alert levels would certainly be something to note.


Biggest Risks for Baby Boomers – Obesity & Diabetes

Lots of people I know are afraid to get on a plane…  Lots of others worry about catching Ebola, or finding a single germ on their kitchen counters.

HEY – at Holiday Time this year, the greatest threat to people over 40 are the twin terrors of Obesity and Diabetes.

I look at other people’s shopping carts in the store and see they are all buying soda, and white bread, and processed food – like chips, etc.  You can see why the produce department only takes up less than 10% of the store.  People eat junk. Junk means
you are eating what your body cannot recognize as real food!  It has to look like –
an apple, or a banana, or lettuce, or even a chicken leg.  But look at a cheerio – you can’t tell it’s original form…. it’s plastic food.

But food is only half the story — if you want to heal yourself and live better – Start moving. 

I have a new theory of how your cells renew themselves by oxygenating themselves. Cells fresh with oxygen don’t rust, don’t get stuck and don’t let cancer or diabetes come into through the cell wall.

It’s easy to get started – walk, or run, as fast or slow as you can, do yoga, or just
aerobic breathing.  Roll around the floor — do pushups, or jump rope, or swim, lift weights or dance!  Buy yourself a small trampoline for Christmas and jump on it- it’s full and it bounces your whole body full of oxygen.

Holiday and New Year’s resolutions should be 1. GET MOVING – however you can, wherever you can, whether you are already in shape, whether you are bedridden, whether you are 23 and 83. You can start today and in 3 days, you’ll feel 300% better.

OBESITY, DIABETES, CANCER are risks you can avoid!! Try it.


Essential Elements of a GREAT Corporate Security Program

Maybe you’re a Security Professional, or maybe you’re just someone who doesn’t want to get your credit card stolen, or get shot walking out to your car at night.   Either way, There are a few basics you need for an effective Corporate Security Program.  Whether it’s a hospital, a big box store, or a local government agency, or one of the Fortune 100, these Basic Corporate Security elements are essential:

1.  Start with a baseline Security Risk Assessment – for both IT Security AND
     corporate or physical security. (You can’t improve if you don’t know where
you are).

2.   Get a plain or fancy Incident Reporting program and start recording and
categorizing ALL security incidents, whether they are related to theft, violence,
natural disasters, Ebola, or active shooters.  This gives you the power to stay
on top of new, emerging threats (the ones identified in the security risk
assessment),  and make  frequent adjustments based on real-time information,
also known as data-driven security.

3.   Review and Update your Policies and Procedures to address what’s
changed in the environment. P’s and P’s also add the power of COMPLIANCE
to the security enforcement.  This increases security’s
visibility and importance to management.

4.    Create Security Awareness among the staff members.  You have two
eyes, but if you add in the employees, you have 1000 eyes or more.  Eyes
that know what to watch for, how to report escalating incidents early, and
staff members who can improve their personal safety through situational

5.     Mandatory annual Security training for all employees.  Staff members
need to get the latest information on reporting, information protection, how to
physically protect themselves, and patients, students, customers, visitors and
everyone else who enters your facilities.  Many information breaches start
with a theft of a laptop, something that could totally be avoided with
better training.


6.      At the end of the first year, do a second (and annual) security risk
assessment so you can measure improvements in awareness, in
         implementation of critical controls (I have a list of 75), and changes
in the threat profile.

These steps create an annual cycle of Continual Improvement in the
security program, based on fresh evaluation, which also turns out to very
cost effective and informs management about which controls have the
‘best bang for the buck’.

For more information and the matching white paper, send your request to:


Second Ebola Patient in the US Confirmed by CDC

As the media is reporting incessantly, a healthcare worker at Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has been diagnosed with Ebola.  The transmission mechanism hasn’t been announced, but again, it looks like it may be related to taking OFF the protective

Obviously only 2 cases is not a country-wide epidemic, and 99% of the people who read this are hundreds of times more likely to be hit by lighting, or drown in the bathtub, than they are to ever catch Ebola.


However, healthcare workers are more at risk.  I have heard journalists continue to report that all hospitals are READY – THEY ARE NOT!  They report on the New York
City hospitals, but HEY, the first and second cases were in DALLAS, TEXAS!

What can an average person do at this point?  Call up your local hospital and ask them if they have prepared an isolation treatment area, ask them if they have full protective
gear available right now – today.  Ask if they have updated their infection control
procedures in the last 30 days.

The squeaky wheel forces organizations to pay attention to things like EBOLA preparation, enhanced staff training, additional investments in Protective Suits,
temporary barriers, better hazmat disposal, and lots more.

Preparedness is the ONLY THING that can stop Ebola from spreading and safeguard
everyone from a killer disease!

Ebola!! Why the Entire World (and CNN) is Obsessed with this new Threat

Ebola is a terrible virus.  We have either seen in photos, or read about dead bodies laying in piles or vomit of blood in the floors of filthy clinics in West Africa.  We have been to the site 3 times already today.

And all this time, people are reassuring themselves, saying “It will never get to the US”. And what happens next?  Ebola shows up at Texas Presbyterian Hospital where, as I expected, everything that COULD GO WRONG – DID GO WRONG.


The mountain of simple mistakes included:
1.  Seeing the patient, giving him antibiotics and sending him home,
EVEN THOUGH he was just in country from Liberia (West Africa).

   2.  Quarantining him and his friends is a tiny apartment with no anti-viral supplies, 
        leaving contaminated sheets and clothes on the floor.
3.  Not getting appropriate cleaning people in ASAP.
4.  Eventually establishing that 100 people could be infected with the
Ebola Virus.

Hospitals had only given their staff minimal instructions on how to deal with Ebola, so
Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas was not expecting to the the FIRST US CASE!


So, in less than 12 hours, it was real, the fears that the virus could somehow make it to the U.S. undetected – TURNED OUT TO BE TRUE!  And CNN and other media did a great job of uncovering every single mistake and scaring Dallas parents to death while they did it.  

Find out as much as you can about Ebola and how to keep yourself, your family and friends safe.  Get a little extra hand sanitizer, wash your hands often.  Call your local hospital and ask them if they’re prepared.  SOMEONE BETTER BE!

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How to Rescue a Kitten by a Dedicated Dog Person

I am a dog person.  I’m a Beagle lover.  I have Snoopy toys all over my house, and leashes and dog dishes and photos of my beagles, and I never thought I would want a cat.  But I guess life has surprises in store for us, if we slow down and listen.  This is what happened to me.

I was living in south Florida and had two beagles, Roxy and Kerry.  Roxy had been diagnosed with terminal lymphoma but had chemo so she got an extra year.  Every morning I would walk with my neighbor, Maureen, and the Beagles.


This morning was drenched with rain.  It was early, and not hot. It had rained hard all night so there was water everywhere.  As we walked down the street I heard a little faint
“meow, Meow, MEOW”.  I told Maureen, “I hear a kitten”.  “Oh no”, she said, “You haven’t lived in Florida very long, it’s a bird and not a kitten”.  We kept walking and I heard it again – MEOW – MEOW – MEOW.

I followed the sound and under a big leafy plant, I found a very tiny kitten, ribs sticking out, soaking wet, and no mama cat in sight.  I picked him up and wrapped him up in my
T-shirt.  Then we walked around the neighbor looking for the kitty’s mama, or possible other kittys, but found nothing.  The people who lived in that house were overseas for 3 months so he would not have been found.

I took him home.  I didn’t have any milk, so we borrowed some and I fed him with a medicine dropper.  I looked up KITTENS on the web, and found out milk wasn’t so good, so I went to the store, with Kitty in my vest pocket, and got him Kitty Milk, and
kitten food.  He was only 4 weeks old.   He was irresistible.


My idea was to raise him and then find him a good home.  Of course, I fell in love with him, named him Tigger and now I am a cat lover and cat owner.  I have had dogs, and house rabbits and horses and ducks and geese and even an owl as pets, but this was my first kitty.

I was, and still am,  amazed at how soft he was, how sweet he was, how bouncy he was, and how much fun he was to have around.  Now he’s 6 months old and he still sleeps right next to me.

My dear Roxy passed away when he was 3 months old.  I loved her so much and many people say I found the kitty to help me get through missing Roxy so much.

My kitty, Tigger, follows me around the house, and comes when I call him.  He even likes to swim in the pool with me.  He also likes walking with Kerry.  He has his own red leash and halter.  He loves chasing and catching lizards, and watching birds.  He also likes climbing trees, but only goes outside when I go with him.

The point is that love of animals means all animals, and it means ALWAYS doing the
compassionate thing.  Someone threw  this little kitty away because they didn’t realize he was a feline star and source of great joy.   Rescues comes to us in all sorts of ways, and whether it’s a tiny kitty, an 1800 pound horse, a 6 pound lop-eared rabbit, or a beagle, take a chance and get yourself a friend for life!




White House Demonstrates A Cascade of Security Failures

Imagine the shock and awe when I found out my home was MORE SECURE than
The White House, which, along with the U.S. Capitol Building, represents the
best of the Free World!

Why?  Because I LOCK MY DOORS.  Which means my Access Control is 100%
in place.
   A simple thing, but, because Access Control is the starting point for all
security – doors have to be locked.

We say that security should be re-assessed whenever there’s a major change.  And
certainly launching a war against ISIL might be considered a major change, especially
since there is an alert about home grown jihadis.  Do you think the home of the U.S.
President might become a target?

And who is responsible for the lax security?  It’s the Secret Service, the government
agents who are supposed to be totally dedicated to the best security on the planet.

And other things went wrong too.  And why my home is safer than the White House last week.

I have dogs on site and they are unleashed.  I don’t make the decision about whether to let the dogs out, instead, my vicious attack beagles go after anyone trying to enter the grounds at any point within the perimeter fence.  At the White House, because the dogs which are kept on site for just this sort of incident, were NOT RELEASED because the Secret Service agents thought the dogs might go after them.

The sniper who was at the White House with his gun trained on the intruder, didn’t shoot.He could have taken a shot to the intruder’s arm or to his leg, and that would have slowed him down, but instead, he held his fire, and the intruder made it in the doors and up the stairs of the White House.

The intruder was a REPEAT OFFENDER.  He should have had a big red mark on his forehead indicating that he WAS NOT CLEARED FOR ACCESS, but instead, he had nothing.  He was able to jump the fence and continue right along through the entrance.

The lovely decorative White House fence was easily breached, just jumped over.  Does this trigger a BRAINSTORM:  MAKE THE FENCE HIGHER!  Or, even better, ALARM AND ELECTRIFY THE FENCE!


At my barn, it took about $200 and less than two hours to totally electrify an enormous field.  Shouldn’t the President’s home be as well protected and my horse’s field??

Looking at the whole picture, we see that there are numerous problems, and that obviously the White House hasn’t had a decent SECURITY RISK ASSESSMENT in years, or that the assessment’s recommendations weren’t implemented.

With lots of high value targets in a relatively small area, the use of automated, quarterly
security risk assessments SHOULD BE A NO BRAINER!

What’s the underlying cause of this breach?  Was it the lack of procedures, was it procedures not followed, was it lack of training?  Was it a sub-plot?  Was it the just a cascade of failures?

Whatever it was, it made the U.S. look UNPREPARED to the entire world, and it reinforces the message that security is a process that has to be continually assessed and re-assessed.

I’m going to do my Patriotic Duty and donate my automated Risk Assessment software to the White House Secret Service to help them in this critical task!