RISK Alerts are part of a Security Awareness Program for Security Directors and
Managers at Hospitals, Healthcare Organizations, HIPAA IT Programs, Active
Shooter and Facilities Security Management.   


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They cover every aspect of security and can be used to CREATE SITUATIONAL
AWARENESS in staff members and employees.

Author: Caroline Ramsey Hamilton is a security risk assessment expert based in Boca Raton, Florida and Annapolis, Maryland.  She is an expert in security risk assessment and works with companies and agencies to do accurate and comprehensive risk assessments on critical assets.  With a background in statistics and research techniques, Hamilton has developed a unique quantitative approach to the problems of conducting and quantifying security risk and vulnerability assessments, in a variety of industries, but all relating to security issues. Using different types of available data, such as asset values, loss potential, the value of the organization, threat frequencies, and cost of potential controls, and using patented algorithms, she has created a patented Risk Process and a variety of unique solutions and products that meet all standards for security risk assessment.

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Caroline Ramsey-Hamilton has been a pioneer in the fields of both information security and physical security since 1984. In 1984, she was a member of the NIST Model Builder’s Workshop to define risk for the U.S. federal government. Since then, she has worked with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and with the Department of Defense under the auspices of the Secretary of Defense.

She has worked with risk management policy groups internationally and in the U.S. including SARMA (Security Assessment Risk Management Association); ASIS (The International Society of Industrial Security) serving on both the ASIS – Physical Security Council, and the ASIS – Information Technology Security Council (ITSC). In addition, she has worked with organizations in more than eighteen countries; and with large private companies. She was a member of the IBM Data Governance Council and other leading industry analyst groups.

Ms. Ramsey-Hamilton has been working for more than twenty-five years in how to use quantitative programs to assess and forecast a variety of outcomes, including creating models for using forecasting as a mechanism to plan and predict the results of political campaigns.

For the last fifteen years, Ms. Ramsey-Hamilton has focused on the development of accurate and robust security risk assessment programs. With hundreds of clients in over thirty countries, she speaks at security conferences around the world including South Africa, Taiwan, Nambia, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, London, Ireland, Belgium, Thailand and hundreds more.

She received the distinguished service award from the Maritime Security Council, and a lifetime achievement award from the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board in 2011.

She has written over sixty articles on security for a variety of magazines including the Journal for Healthcare Safety and Security (IAHSS), the Computer Security Journal, Intersec, Cargo Security,Security Technology and Design and many more.

Caroline is currently working on several books about security and is President of Risk and Security LLC, a risk assessment consulting practice,  and lives in south Florida.

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